Job Evaluation

The design of an organizationís compensation framework normally has three key components;

  • Establish internal equity
  • Determine the peer group & desired market position
  • Determine the mix of compensation ( base vs. variable)

Job evaluation is the process used to determine the first component, internal equity. Wilkinson Consulting Group offers clients a job evaluation tool that measures the Ontario Pay Equity criteria;

Responsibility, and
Working Conditions

Our automated tool allows clients to evaluate positions using a point factor methodology that breaks the Pay Equity factors into meaningful sub-factors. The sub-factors and their weighting are customizable.

Our position questionnaire is user-friendly, however we also have Associates trained in job description writing. Their skills have proven useful when clients have tight timelines and limited resources. Our job evaluation tool has been applied in both union and non-union environments in the retail, transportation, not-for-profit, manufacturing and service sectors.

Although we sell our job evaluation system as a stand-alone tool, our seasoned consultants are experienced in training job evaluation committees, designing pay structures, developing compensation policies and process, and implementing pay for performance systems. We have consulted in Pay Equity since its inception and have assisted many clients with maintaining their Pay Equity Plans.

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Wilkinson Consulting Group has a point factor job evaluation tool that measures the Pay Equity criteria of Skill, Effort, Responsibility and Working Conditions. The tool complete with training manuals and automated grade tabulation is available for purchase.

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