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Heather Wilkinson

Heather is a much sought after compensation consultant with 30 years experience in industry and human resources consulting. Heather's industry experience includes Director of North American Compensation for a telecommunications company and managing global compensation for a major Canadian airline. She has over 15 years of consulting experience advising Fortune 500 companies, public sector employers and not-for profits on human resources related issues. Prior to starting her own company, Heather was Principal and National Practice Leader Compensation for Buck Consultants, Senior Consultant with Towers Perrin and a Consultant with Deloitte & Touche where she acquired international experience working on the organization design of the Hong Kong airport.

Heather's passion for and level of professionalism in developing compensation strategies that support the organization's business strategy is evident in every project she undertakes.

Examples of her most recent compensation consulting work includes:

Development of a national sales compensation plan for five divisions of a company in the health care sector

Redesign and implementation of a new compensation structure for an Ontario retailer. The design included job evaluation, salary structures for salaried and hourly employees, pay equity, bonus redesign, and minimum wage analysis and implementation.

A comprehensive review and Board presentation on Long Term Incentive Plan design alternatives for a company considering moving from stock options to another form of LTIP.

Design of a compensation strategy for a company in the transportation sector. The project, which was North American in scope, included a job evaluation system, analysis of national and local markets, design of salary structure(s), development of compensation policies and program roll-out.

Heather's experience and knowledge is supported by extensive theoretical and hands-on training from well respected international management consultancies and a degree from York University. She has, in turn shared her expertise with professionals as a guest speaker at World at Work, CPBI, TMAC and the Conference Board of Canada.

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