Established in 2003, Wilkinson Consulting Group specializes in compensation strategy and design. We believe that your employees are your most valuable asset and that your compensation strategy needs to ensure you can attract the right talent into your organization and engage them in contributing to your goals and business strategy.

Our strength as compensation consultants lies in our ability to design innovative, out-of-the box solutions for our clients. The approach that we take is practical and tailored to meet your timelines, budget and resources. We recognize that many small to mid-sized companies want to have in-house compensation specialists. We therefore offer clients the option of either taking a consultant driven approach or partnering with your resources throughout the design phase and providing on the job training as needed.

Our client base encompasses organizations of all sizes, sectors and ownership structure. Heather Wilkinson, the company founder, has over 30 years of compensation experience. Her knowledge comes from working for premier compensation consulting firms where she managed projects across North America and Internationally. Because Heather has hands on experience managing total reward strategy, she ensures that companies consider the linkages, dependencies and timeframes before embarking on major change.

Wilkinson Consulting Group has a point factor job evaluation tool that measures the Pay Equity criteria of Skill, Effort, Responsibility and Working Conditions. The tool complete with training manuals and automated grade tabulation is available for purchase.

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Wilkinson Consulting Group provides client specific solutions designed to attract retain and engage talent.

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